”CE” is the abbreviation of the French words ”Conformité Européene” and its meaning in the literature is ”European Conformity” conforming to European Norms. This term, which was originally used as ”EC Mark”, was officially changed to ”CE Marking” with the 93/68 / EEC directive published in 1993. It is currently used as “CE Marking” in all European Union countries.

The CE mark indicates that a product or a product group is in compliance with the basic requirements of the European Union, which are referred to as the product directives on health, safety, environment and consumer protection. Product directives; It determines which product must meet what basic requirements and / or at what performance levels and which Harmonized Standards it must comply with.

In order for a product to bear the CE mark, it must fulfill the requirements of the new approach directives published by the European Community Commission and the relevant harmonized (harmonized) standards.

Use of CE Mark

CE Mark can only be used on products when the conditions specified in the directives are complied with. For this reason, existing directives should be examined according to the properties of the product and the right decision should be made which directive or directives will be valid. The CE Mark on the product indicates the conformity of the product to all relevant directives.