GLOBALGAP has come to the fore as a result of the problems related to the safety of foodstuffs, which threatened public health, experienced in Europe in the recent past.

GLOBALGAP is an initiative that European large retail supermarkets came together to establish and put into practice in 1997 to ensure that the agricultural products they put on their shelves are safe and not harmful to human health.

GLOBALGAP, which is valid all over the world today, has become a standard. 70-80% of major retailers and manufacturers in Europe are currently members or registered with GLOBALGAP.

GLOBALGAP standard; It applies to both individual farmers and producer / farmer groups (eg cooperatives, large exporters, packing houses etc.). Producer / Farmer groups are also required to fulfill the requirements of the Quality Management System documents and to be capable of managing the connections between producers.

In this sense; It is necessary to create a traceability that includes all the information from the seed stage of the product to the pesticides used in planting, by which producer in which field it was sown. Thus, all stages of the products from production to consumption are taken under control.