Good Agricultural Practices; It is an agricultural production that does not harm the environment, human and animal health, protection of natural resources, traceability and sustainability in agriculture and food safety.

Today, the increasing income and education level of our society have increased the importance of safe food consumption, consumer demands have reached different dimensions and the reliability of consumed food has become questioned.

With this awareness, it has become inevitable to establish certain systems and standards in order to provide consumers with the guarantee that both direct agricultural products and processed foods are produced safely.

The GLOBALGAP standard has come to the fore as a result of the problems in the recent past in Europe, threatening public health, and related to the safety of foodstuffs.

Globally accepted rapidly, GLOBALGAP, Good Agricultural Practices legislation has also been widely accepted in our country and has become the preferred subject of producers.

Along with Good Agricultural Practices; It is necessary to create a traceability that includes all the information from the seed stage of the product to the pesticides used in planting, by which producer in which field it was sown. Thus, all stages of the products from production to consumption are taken under control.