Our mission as BQS; to carry out the management system certification and A type inspection activities of the organizations applying to BQS, adhering to the principles of impartiality, independence, equality, confidentiality and reliability.

  • As BQS, we carry out all our activities within the framework of nationally and internationally accepted standards, guidelines, legislation and rules,
  • To comply fully, completely and continuously with the BQS and accreditation rules,
  • To provide continuous added value to our customers and our sector by providing customer-oriented and qualified service,
  • Ensuring the maintenance of Independence, Impartiality, Confidentiality, Honesty and Reliability,
  • To provide qualified, experienced professional and sufficient number of personnel for our services, to continuously improve their qualifications by sharing all kinds of issues with our employees,
  • To maintain the effectiveness of the system applied to realize our services in a way that ensures continuous improvement,
  • Evaluating all applications and performing our services at specified times within the framework of procedures applied equally to all organizations,
  • To inform and raise awareness of relevant parties by following up-to-date developments on the issues covered by our services,
  • To always be sensitive to the protection of the environment we live in and to share this understanding with the relevant parties,
  • Considering the environment, human health and safety, protecting and protecting nature and natural resources.

It is our company’s quality policy.



General Manager

Sezgin Gunes