As BQS managers, employees, both staff and contracted personnel and committee members, we undertake to comply with all the following matters while conducting management system certification activities and A type inspection body activities.

  • BQS is at an equal distance to all organizations as per its policies. In all certification and inspection activities, BQS has created an impartial and independent structure that is free from any commercial, financial, administrative and other pressures that may affect decisions and activities. We undertake that no person or organization can influence the decisions and works of the personnel, committees, auditors and technical experts involved in the certification and inspection activities carried out on behalf of BQS
  • BQS has no relationship with consultancy services in all units and functions, the provision of such services is officially prohibited. We undertake that the prospective customers’ purchase of consultancy services (if they have received them) will be determined and analyzed in writing, we will not conduct internal audits for our customers.
  • We undertake that the activities and services will be performed by competent personnel in line with the expectations and needs of our customers in accordance with legal requirements, national and international rules.
  • BQS undertakes to assume the authority and responsibility for certification-related decisions, including granting, maintaining, renewing, extending and narrowing the scope, suspension and withdrawal of certification.
  • BQS undertakes that it will enable the decision maker to make fully independent certification decisions.
  • BQS top management undertakes to be impartial in all activities regarding system certification and inspection services.
  • BQS top management undertakes to provide the necessary training for each employee to understand the importance of impartiality.
  • While providing services, the principles of impartiality, independence and confidentiality will be taken as basis and we undertake that the requirements of the relevant standards and regulations and guidelines will be met at the highest level and that BQS will be meticulously implemented to increase the prestige of the BQS in the national and international arena.
  • We undertake that with the systematic we have established in accordance with national and international rules, the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality, analysis of situations that may cause conflict of interest, and the provision of resources will be clearly stated and declared in our documents.
  • BQS, the auditors have the staff to answer incoming applications from each province within the borders of Turkey. Also our company in the field of system certification and Foreign Countries Turkey borders (with the requirement to use local auditors) we perform certification and surveillance activities, we commitment.
  • We undertake that all employees in BQS (certification process employees, employees in inspection service, full-time or part-time auditors and technical experts) and all committee members who take charge will be guaranteed with this statement that they are independent from commercial, financial and other pressures in all their duties.
  •  As BQS, within the scope of certification, inspection and inspection activities, non-objective comments and evaluations will not be made, All kinds of behaviors that will adversely affect organizations will be avoided, not to be biased and intolerant, be treated impartially and independently, We will implement all these without compromise with our management system, financial management, policy and working principles, We declare and undertake.


General Manager

Sezgin Gunes