ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System aims to effectively and efficiently design, plan and implement the process of handling customer complaints in organizations that aim to provide services beyond the expectations of their customers, regardless of the type of product and service.

The information gained through handling complaints can improve products and processes and, when properly handled complaints, can enhance the organization’s reputation regardless of the organization’s size, location and industry. The value of this standard is further revealed as it gives confidence that complaints are handled consistently on the world market.

A good complaint management system provides effective solution opportunities by preventing the organization’s inconveniences and therefore the recurrence of complaints, and measures the success of the solution opportunities offered. In doing so, it improves the awareness and competence of its personnel in this regard.

ISO 10002 concerns all organizations that want to provide services beyond the expectations of customers. Going beyond customer expectations is also a general requirement of businesses of all types and sizes, whether private, public or voluntary sectors.